Chapter ten

Legha got up early in the morning, popped into mother's room. She decided to go to Mrs. Edrisi's room. Mrs Edrisi had turned sulky and mad since some days ago. She didn't like to see anybody. She kept staring at the garden for hours and hours, just in silence on and on, right the time she got tired she wound the music box. She threw the stuff out of the drawers and played with some fake chess beads on the bedspread. Turning back, she kneeled at the saint's tapestry on the wall. Brushing her hair across from the mirror, she collected her hair back with a hair clip. There were socks, shoes and skirts… she folded them and placed them on the right shelf. She turned the pages in the diary, started to write her new memories but her mind was so preoccupied and her hands were trembling. She yawned and stood by the window, the fountain was flowing on one side. The ray of morning sunlight was making a rainbow on the lines of the fountain. Pigeons were turning around the garden shed. Now and on the stamp of shoes on the pavement was heard. They left the place one by one, slammed the door. Around eight there was nearly nobody at home.

Last night was a restless night


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